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Shapes Treasure Hunt – Free hide and seek game with colors and shapes for toddlers and preschoolers

Shapes Treasure Hunt - Hide and seek game with colors and shapes for toddlers and preschoolers

When Caroline was a toddler, I found a hide and seek shape game online. She LOVED playing it. I decided to make my own version to share here. I improved it and added a bit of flexibility that was lacking with the one I downloaded. After you print the three pages, cut out the nine (continue reading…)

How I Teach Language Arts – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Series

Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Language Arts

I almost feel like it is dishonest to say how I teach language arts because I sometimes feel like I haven’t. I have facilitated a lot of learning. If there is any area where I feel like I’ve really embraced a relaxed approach to homeschooling and can see how well it can work, it is (continue reading…)

LeapFrog Letter Factory: It’s Officially a Big Hit

LeapFrog Letter Factory DVD

I can officially call LeapFrog Letter Factory a big hit with Caroline. Now that I know she likes it, I’ll look into the other related ones as well.  Thanks very much for the recommendations! I’ll be checking out some of the others soon! I also purchased the Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder today. We already (continue reading…)

Easy, creative fun with do-a-dot paints and books

This summer I introduced Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set Paints to Caroline. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she LOVED them.  She’s used them regularly ever since. I purchased a few of the books such as Do-A-Dot Discovering My World Activity Book and have been making copies of the pages that interest her. (That way (continue reading…)

My Big Book of Stickers or Sticker Books as Learning Tools

My Big Book of Stickers

Like many little ones, Caroline is fascinated by stickers.  I found My Big Book Of Stickers and it was a fabulous teaching tool! We garnered hours and hours of learning time from this one book. I actually should say David did because this was an activity that primarily David did with Caroline after supper while (continue reading…)