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Online Learning Activities for Kids

Online Learning Activities for Kids

With a learner who prefers video and learning online to just about anything else, I’m always on the lookout for new sites she can explore. Here’s a list of online learning activities for kids.

NOAA Discover Your World Activity Book

NOAA (North Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has a free downloadable Discover Your World Activity Book for children.

It is full of hands-on activities related to science topics such as the earth, weather and climate. These would be especially good for upper elementary and middle school students.

Check it out here: NOAA Discover Your World Activity Book.

The University of Illinois Science Activities for … Read more »

Polar Animals Activity

Polar Animals True or False

Polar animals are fascinating creatures! Whether it is polar bears, penguins, or the arctic fox, each one is an interesting part of the world. This polar animals activity is a great way to review facts about polar animals.

There are ten statements and your students will sort them into two piles – True and False. I purposely made a few of them tricky so students have to read carefully and not fly by the words too quickly!

This would be great paired with my Polar Animals Lapbook or any of the other polar, penguin and arctic activities I have in … Read more »

Pearson Homeschool Science Curriculum Review

Pearson Homeschool Science Curriculum

I received this product for free. I am being compensated for my time to use the product and write this review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.

Science is one of those subjects that we’ve been pretty relaxed with so far. I haven’t done any formal science curriculum with Caroline to this point. She’s very interested in science (as long as it’s not gross or messy!), but we’ve been pretty laid back. We’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of science DVDs and programming on the Kindle. When I … Read more »

Nature Study Ideas for People Who Prefer to Stay Indoors

Nature Study for Indoor People

Nature study is a very popular topic in homeschooling circles right now, especially thanks to those who follow a Charlotte Mason style of education. And while I think most everyone would agree that the idea of nature study is a great one, it often doesn’t work for some families for any number of reasons.

These reasons might include:

allergies that make going outside a substantial challenge
physical limitations
living in a challenging environment that makes being outside for extended periods of time less than ideal
just not being an outdoor person

So rather than skipping nature study or feeling badly that you aren’t doing something … Read more »

Live HD Streaming Earth Viewing from International Space Station

Live HD Streaming Earth Viewing from International Space Station

We thoroughly enjoy learning about the International Space Station (ISS). I keep track of when it will be flying over our home and if it works out with bedtimes, we’ll go out in front of the house and watch it go over.

By using NASA’s simple Spot the Station feature, you can use the pull down menus to find the next flyover closest to your home.

Now not only can you see it when it flies over, you can see what it is flying over! This live HD Earth Viewing feature lets you watch live streaming from the International Space … Read more »

Learning Ideas for April Holidays, Units and Famous Birthdays

Simple Learning Ideas for April Holidays, Units and Famous Birthdays

April is full of fun learning opportunities such as National Poetry Month, Arbor Day, and John James Audubon’s birthday. Here are some simple and creative learning ideas for April.

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is a great time to introduce children to the world of poetry. By starting with engaging poems, there is the greatest chance of lighting an interest in poetry so choose poems carefully.

Keep a collection of age-appropriate poetry books for children to read during quiet reading time, indoor recess or when they finish their work early.
Highlight a different poet each day by reading aloud a poem. … Read more »

How I Teach Science – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years

How I Teach Science – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Series

My approach to science in our relaxed homeschooling family has been very relaxed. My philosophy is that all children really need in early elementary is exposure to science topics and to develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them. If a child is curious, she will learn plenty even in an unstructured way.

I don’t use a textbook to teach science. Most of the early elementary textbooks are either so simplistic or are so poorly designed that they would not appeal to Caroline at all.

We don’t write about science. Unless it is something she dictates to me for her … Read more »

Scarecrow Ideas, Books, Writing Prompts, and Crafts

Scarecrow Ideas, Books, Writing Prompts, and Crafts

Scarecrows are a fun part of fall.! Kindergarten and first grade children will enjoy a special unit featuring scarecrows along with barns and animals. Discover these scarecrow ideas!

Barn Dance Read Aloud Book

Barn Dance! by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault is the delightful story of a young boy who sneaks out to the barn in the middle of the night when he hears the animals and scarecrow head out there for a hoedown. The scarecrow leads the way with his fiddle playing and the animals join in with a wild dance in the barn. This Reading … Read more »