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5 Reasons Not to Quit after the First Year of Homeschooling

5 Reasons Not to Quit after the First Year of Homeschooling

It’s summertime and that means everyone is busy making plans for the next school year. Homeschooling moms are looking at curriculum options and deciding what to buy. Optimism and anticipation will slowly rise over the coming weeks as new books and school supplies start filling up homes again. But some moms are wondering if they (continue reading…)

Are you choosing the wrong learning materials for your child?

Are you choosing the wrong learming materials for your child

One of the things I’m passionate about as an educator and curriculum developer is that learning products for young children should be visually engaging, colorful, well-designed and simple.  Reaching this balance is a challenge, but it can be done. I’m really picky about the aesthetics of any materials I use with Caroline whether it is (continue reading…)

How we ended up relaxed homeschoolers and what it looks like

How we ended up relaxed homeschoolers and what it looks like

I realized we were relaxed homeschoolers somewhere along the beginning of Caroline’s second grade year (this year). I had kind of wandered in the wilderness of trying to figure out how to answer the question when people would ask what kind of a homeschooler I was. This was mostly due to trying to figure out (continue reading…)

Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years – A How To Series

Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Series Intro

One of the benefits of observing homeschooling and homeschoolers for many years before I was blessed with a child is that I had the opportunity to read lots and lots of articles and blogs posts written by moms who shared their mistakes. They wrote of the things they wished they could do over, what they (continue reading…)

Should elementary students formally study mathematics?


In a 2010 article from Psychology Today, Peter Gray, Ph.D., makes the case that math should not be taught until middle school. He shares a fascinating study from 1929 that has largely disappeared from the nation’s collective radar. But the findings are stunning. In When Less Is More: The Case for Teaching Less Math in (continue reading…)

Simple Classroom Activities for the First Day of School

Back to School Prep Series Pins4

The first few days of school set the tone for the entire year. Getting started with fun, informative and relationship-building activities for the first day of school can go a long ways in developing a positive classroom environment. Overpreparing for the first few days is also important since activities can move along more quickly than (continue reading…)

Classroom Management Strategies for New Teachers and the New School Year

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Many people become teachers because they love the subject matter, working with children, and making a difference in the lives of others. But classroom management is also a significant part of being a successful teacher. In fact, determining classroom management strategies for new teachers can make or break the first year. Carefully planning classroom management (continue reading…)