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Apples Graphing Activity

Apples Graphing Activity

It’s apple time! It’s also time to practicing graphing. This apples graphing activity combines both into a fun, hands-on activity. This set is filled with colorful little cards that show graphics of apple blossoms, a leaf, a jar of applesauce, apple seeds, a basket of apples, an apple core, an apple pie and even a cute green worm in an apple!

Graphing is an important skill that students use in math, science and even history. Bar graphs are a wonderful place to start when learning how to graph! This easy-to-use graph is also a great tool for launching a discussion focused … Read more »

Number Ordering Activity 0-999

Number Ordering Activity 2

Number ordering is an important skill for young children to master. But it doesn’t have to be boring!

Practicing number ordering is extra fun with this colorful number ordering activity! This downloadable file includes five sets of cards and a recording sheet. The graphics are in a school supplies theme so it will work for back to school or any time of the year.

Your students will put the sets of six cards in the correct order. The numbers range from 0 to 999. The students then record the answers on their recording sheet. The sheet is provided in both color … Read more »

100 Early Elementary Printables You Don’t Want to Miss

100 Early Elementary Printables You Don’t Want to Miss 2

I asked some of my online friends to share their best and favorite early elementary printables with me. I also spent several hours looking online to find great resources. Below you will find a selection of both free and paid products that cover a wide variety of topics. I hope you will many helpful ideas below!

(P.S. If you like what you see here, would you please spread the word and share this post so others can find these resources? On behalf of all the product creators listed here, thank you!)

December Notebooking Pages

To start with, here is a new … Read more »

Bake a Cake from Scratch to Teach about Work and Rewards

Three Girls Making Cupcakes In Kitchen

Teaching your children to work hard for their rewards

One of the great opportunities we have as homeschooling parents is showing our children how to balance work and play as well as teaching them to be responsible and industrious. As children grow older, we can begin to help our children understand how they are responsible for their choices in a variety of areas. And part of that is learning how to remain diligent and work for the things they want.

Opportunities abound for learning these lessons and it’s important we are on the lookout for them. We can sneak these activities … Read more »

How I Teach Math – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years

How I Teach Math – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Series

Since I already wrote at length about how we ended up as relaxed homeschoolers in my series intro and language arts post, this post will be much shorter!

In The Right Side of Normal: Understanding and Honoring the Natural Learning Path for Right-Brained Children, Cindy Gaddis differentiates between arithmetic and mathematics. She describes arithmetic as “the act of manipulating quantities (facts)”. Mathematics, on the other hand, is the “science of finding patterns, coming up with theories about it, and proving its existence (concepts).” Right-brained children are most comfortable with mathematics. Left-brained children gravitate toward arithmetic.

The … Read more »

Should elementary students formally study mathematics?


In a 2010 article from Psychology Today, Peter Gray, Ph.D., makes the case that math should not be taught until middle school. He shares a fascinating study from 1929 that has largely disappeared from the nation’s collective radar. But the findings are stunning. In When Less Is More: The Case for Teaching Less Math in School he writes:

As part of the plan, he asked the teachers of the earlier grades to devote some of the time that they would normally spend on arithmetic to the new third R–recitation. By “recitation” he meant, “speaking … Read more »

ABC Mouse Website for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade

Perhaps the best website I’ve used with Caroline is ABC Mouse. It is by subscription, but worth every penny in my opinion.  There are two things that set ABC Mouse apart from other learning websites.

The first is the high quality of the site in general. The graphics and production level are far superior to much of what is out there.  For example, we also use Starfall and subscribe to More Starfall, but their overall production quality is not on the same level as ABC Mouse. Caroline has definitely learned a lot at Starfall, but the quality is not quite … Read more »

Free children’s ebooks on Amazon today – January 11, 2013

Here are some books offered for free today on Amazon.  Check them out and see if any would work for your family or classroom!

Horses: Amazing Photos & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series)


Surprise in the Kitchen (a mia book)


Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States (Interactive Quiz Book)


Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay and Other Stories


Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games for Kids in Grades … Read more »

How a homeschooled dreamer does preschool math

How a homeschooled dreamer does preschool math

One of the things I enjoy about Caroline is she is so imaginative and creative.  She has a rich imagination that far exceeds anything I ever had as a child. In the Strong-willed Child Or Dreamer? book, I am a doer and she is a dreamer.

One of the things that makes life challenging for me is the fact that she is so imaginative and creative. I still have not completely grasped how I am going to effectively homeschool her, but we’ll take one day at a time.

But here is an example of how a dreamer does math:

No, … Read more »

Hands-on counting numbers with number line

Flower Numbers

Flower Numbers

I found this idea at Chasing Cheerios and adapted it for our use.  The flowers are from my scrapbooking stash.  I laminated everything so it will last longer.

Caroline has been loving this.  She carries the number line around off and on all day.  We were playing with one of her stuffed animals with me making Bunny talk.  Bunny tried to count, but she kept getting stuck or making mistakes.  Caroline “taught” her the numbers and how to count to twelve.  Very cute and an easy way to check her knowledge.

Matching Colors Using Clothespins

Color Match Clothespins

I mentioned this idea the other day and that it was on my to do list with Caroline.  We had to make an unexpected trip to Home Depot last evening for some things so it gave me the opportunity to pick up a few paint chip cards and make this!

Caroline likes to point out “matches” so I was pretty confident she would find it interesting. And I knew she would like the basket I found in my “hang onto it for something” stash. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to manipulate the clothespins.  … Read more »