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Self-paced Online Math with Redbird Mathematics

Self-paced Online Math with Redbird Mathematics

We have a strange relationship with math in our home. Caroline and David are both visual-spatial learners so their approach to math is from whole to part instead of part to whole. I took a lot of upper level math (and science) in high school, but only because I was college prep and did what I had to do. I got all A’s, but I worked hard for them. Math did not come easily to me and was a necessary evil in many ways. So while I don’t have math phobia, I could take it or leave it. David and … Read more »

Gathering – A Northwoods Counting Book

Gathering - A Month of Cozy Books

Gathering – A Northwoods Counting Book by Betsy Bowen is the companion book to another favorite cozy book I’ve already shared, Antler, Bear, Canoe – A Northwoods Alphabet Year.

This time Bowen takes the reader on a journey from zero to twelve, tracing out her family’s northwoods activities from May to December. She shares about cords of wood, blueberries, wild rice, and even extension cords.

This book is also illustrated with woodcuts which makes it even more amazing to me. The illustrations are carved into white pine, printed in black, and then hand-colored.

I highly recommend Gathering – A … Read more »

Apples Graphing Activity

Apples Graphing Activity

It’s apple time! It’s also time to practicing graphing. This apples graphing activity combines both into a fun, hands-on activity. This set is filled with colorful little cards that show graphics of apple blossoms, a leaf, a jar of applesauce, apple seeds, a basket of apples, an apple core, an apple pie and even a cute green worm in an apple!

Graphing is an important skill that students use in math, science and even history. Bar graphs are a wonderful place to start when learning how to graph! This easy-to-use graph is also a great tool for launching a discussion focused … Read more »

Number Ordering Activity 0-999

Number Ordering Activity 2

Number ordering is an important skill for young children to master. But it doesn’t have to be boring!

Practicing number ordering is extra fun with this colorful number ordering activity! This downloadable file includes five sets of cards and a recording sheet. The graphics are in a school supplies theme so it will work for back to school or any time of the year.

Your students will put the sets of six cards in the correct order. The numbers range from 0 to 999. The students then record the answers on their recording sheet. The sheet is provided in both color … Read more »

100 Early Elementary Printables You Don’t Want to Miss

100 Early Elementary Printables You Don’t Want to Miss 2

I asked some of my online friends to share their best and favorite early elementary printables with me. I also spent several hours looking online to find great resources. Below you will find a selection of both free and paid products that cover a wide variety of topics. I hope you will many helpful ideas below!

(P.S. If you like what you see here, would you please spread the word and share this post so others can find these resources? On behalf of all the product creators listed here, thank you!)

December Notebooking Pages

To start with, here is a new … Read more »