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Always Icecream Website for Girls

Online Learning for Girls

I received a one year subscription to in exchange for my review. All content and opinions are my own (except the video produced by Always Icecream).

Caroline loves to learn via technology and we have used many websites over the years as part of our homeschooling. So when another blogger mentioned Always Icecream for her daughters I thought I should check it out!  We’ve been using it for a few weeks and today I’m going to introduce you to Always Icecream. I’ll follow up with another post in a few months to give you an update on … Read more »

TypeKids Touch Typing Course for Kids

Touch Typing Course for Kids

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. The opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.

My, how times have changed! When I learned to type it was on an actual typewriter in a high school classroom filled with loud machines. We used whiteout, manually counted our words per line, and turned in actual typewritten papers to our teacher.

We certainly didn’t get to play games, earn fun badges, and follow along with pirate stories from the comfort of our own home!

Such are the advantages Caroline has learning typing today!

TypeKids … Read more »

A Dozen and a Half Learning and Educational Websites for Children

A Dozen and a Half Learning and Educational Websites for Children

Caroline loves to learn via technology and she prefers to learn on her own. We allowed her to start using the computer when she was nearing age five (if I remember correctly). Along the way, I’ve collected quite a few bookmarks of educational websites we’ve used to varying degrees and a few we’ll use in the future when she’s ready for them. I’ve also included below some we learned about after the fact that are geared toward younger children. I’m sure someone else can use them!

We still tend to use the laptop for learning as opposed to the Read more »

ABC Mouse Website for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade

Perhaps the best website I’ve used with Caroline is ABC Mouse. It is by subscription, but worth every penny in my opinion.  There are two things that set ABC Mouse apart from other learning websites.

The first is the high quality of the site in general. The graphics and production level are far superior to much of what is out there.  For example, we also use Starfall and subscribe to More Starfall, but their overall production quality is not on the same level as ABC Mouse. Caroline has definitely learned a lot at Starfall, but the quality is not quite … Read more »

University of Illinois Just for Kids website

The University of Illinois has a lot of science and weather related activities for kids.

Just for Kids is their base site with links to many different topics. For example…

Tree House Weather Kids has a variety of activities that help children explore various types of weather.

The have all kinds of audio books for smaller children as well that cover topics such as insects, volcanoes, where food comes from, trees, the woods, etc.


Library of Congress for Kids and Families


The Library of Congress has a wonderful section online called For Kids and Families.  There is lots there to explore for all ages.

There is also a section for Teachers which homeschooling parents would also find interesting. It also includes classroom materials on a variety of topics.

Enjoy exploring!

BBC Science Clips website for children

Caroline explored the BBC Science Clips site for a long time the other morning. Many of these science concepts are ones we haven’t explored yet in a formal fashion so this was a fun way for her to begin to hear the associated vocabulary and see them in action.

The site is broken down into age appropriate sections although naturally curious kids will probably explore all over!

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Highlights for Kids online


Caroline hasn’t started reading Highlights.  She has been reading High Five for about four years.  My parents buy her subscription each year and let me tell you… Those magazines are WELL LOVED.  LOL! They have been read and re-read and read again.

I haven’t shown her the Highlights for Kids website yet, but thought I would share it with everyone here who might have children old enough for it! The snowflake feature on there right now it neat!

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Don’t miss ABCya!


If you haven’t discovered, you should check it out. It offers all kinds of learning activities for grades K-5 in a variety of subjects.  Caroline has really enjoyed practicing many basic skills on this free site.