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Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day is coming up and I wanted to help you get a jump on your planning! I’ve gathered up some great activities and resources that focus on the two American presidents we’re celebrating – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the combination of materials in this post is enough to put together a (continue reading…)

Are you choosing the wrong learning materials for your child?

Are you choosing the wrong learming materials for your child

One of the things I’m passionate about as an educator and curriculum developer is that learning products for young children should be visually engaging, colorful, well-designed and simple.  Reaching this balance is a challenge, but it can be done. I’m really picky about the aesthetics of any materials I use with Caroline whether it is (continue reading…)

Polar Creatures Lapbook, Interactive Notebook – Arctic, Antarctic, Penguins, Polar Bears and more!


This lapbook is the perfect introduction to the creatures of the Arctic and Antarctic. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a few books about the topic. This content-rich lapbook requires minimal writing and is perfect for right-brained learners and reluctant writers. It includes: Create a Cover – Students will choose the title (continue reading…)

How I Teach Science – Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years

Relaxed Homeschooling in the Early Elementary Years Science

My approach to science in our relaxed homeschooling family has been very relaxed. My philosophy is that all children really need in early elementary is exposure to science topics and to develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them. If a child is curious, she will learn plenty even in an unstructured way. We (continue reading…)