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Homeschooling an Introvert – Guest Post on Bright Ideas Press

Tips for Homeschooling Introverts BIP

Tips for Homeschooling Introverts BIP

Are you homeschooling an introvert? This week I have a post on Four Tips for Homeschooling Your Introvert over on the Bright Ideas Press blog. If you have an introverted child (whether you homeschool or not), I hope you will stop by. The four tips really can apply to all parents with introverts, but will be especially helpful for those who are homeschooling an introvert.


Parenting and Homeschooling as an Introvert

Parenting and Homeschooling as an Introvert 2

This was originally posted August 11, 2012, on my previous blog. Caroline was almost six and I thought that she was an extrovert at the time. I’ve since concluded that she’s more introverted, but did not alter the original post to reflect this. I’m posting it now to add it to my 31 Days of Learning Differently series.

The past few weeks have been hard.  I hit the proverbial wall this week and it all had to do with being so strongly introverted. Parenting and homeschooling as an introvert is hard. On the bright side, I think God allowed … Read more »

Parenting an Introverted Child

Parenting an Introverted Child 2

If you’ve read my writing for any length of time, you already know that I am extremely introverted and that I function best when I have lots and lots of time alone each day. When Caroline was little I was sure she had to be an extrovert because she always wanted to be picked up, walked around, and in close proximity to us. It seemed like no matter how much attention we gave her, she wanted more. (Yes, it truly pushed me to the edge at times, especially as it related to bedtimes.)

As … Read more »

I Can’t Homeschool Because I’m an Introvert

I Can't Homeschool Because... I'm An Introvert

I’ve written before that the greatest challenge I face as a homeschooler is my own introversion. So when people say “I can’t homeschool because I’m an introvert,” I understand. When people say they would go nuts if they had to be around their children all day, I know that they probably aren’t exaggerating. They really feel that way. It has nothing to do with not loving your children enough.

It’s about your own personal sanity.

I totally get it.

But introverts can successfully homeschool with some strategizing.

The Need for Time Alone

Introverts face their own set of challenges when homeschooling. The … Read more »

5 Important Truths for Introverts Who Homeschool

Introvert Post PIN

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If I were to give one reason why I can’t homeschool, it would be the fact that I’m an introvert. A really big introvert. An I-will-die-if-I-don’t-get-enough-time-to-myself-every-day introvert.

Obviously it isn’t a good enough reason because we’ll be entering our fourth year of homeschooling this fall. But my introversion is probably the biggest hurdle I have to personally jump while homeschooling Caroline.

Over the past few years I’ve had to find ways to homeschool effectively and keep myself mentally sane healthy and happy at the same time. Here are five important truths I’ve learned.

Important Truths … Read more »