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Relax and Plan More Fun to Re-Energize Your Homeschool

Relax and Plan More Fun to Re-Energize Your Homeschool

How often do you have fun as a homeschooling parent? Do you ever allow yourself to simply relax and enjoy the process of watching your child’s learning unfold before your very eyes? From all the articles I see online about homeschool mom burnout, stress and fear I’m guessing many of us do not take enough (Continue reading…)

Practice the Art of Strewing in Your Homeschool


Have you ever heard of strewing in the context of homeschooling? I discovered I was doing it before I learned it had an official term. I think strewing is a valuable concept that can do a lot to re-energize your homeschool, especially if you currently have a very mom-centered or mom-driven approach to homeschooling. What (Continue reading…)

Re-Energize Your Homeschool by Investing in New Materials

Money in the form of many large bills

Homeschoolers are generally a thrifty bunch. And that is good. No matter what our financial situation is, it’s a good idea to be financially prudent. In addition, many of us have traded off significant financial advancement to be at home with our children and educate them ourselves. But just like putting on a new outfit (Continue reading…)

Creative Ways to Re-Energize Your Homeschool Space

Creative Ways to Re-Energize Your Homeschool Space

Homeschooling happens in all different kinds of places. Some people have a room dedicated to their homeschool endeavors. Some people study at the kitchen table. Some use workboxes. There are lots of different ways to set up the physical aspect of your homeschool. Today let’s think about ways to re-energize our homeschool by looking at (Continue reading…)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

The Ultimate Guiide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It is by far my favorite social media tool. I enjoy scrolling through all the ideas. In the past I had to keep all my ideas in files, on paper. Now I can keep so many more and find them so much more quickly! I’ve assembled below what I’m calling The Ultimate (Continue reading…)

5 Reasons Not to Quit after the First Year of Homeschooling

5 Reasons Not to Quit after the First Year of Homeschooling

It’s summertime and that means everyone is busy making plans for the next school year. Homeschooling moms are looking at curriculum options and deciding what to buy. Optimism and anticipation will slowly rise over the coming weeks as new books and school supplies start filling up homes again. But some moms are wondering if they (Continue reading…)

Online Courses for Right Brained Learners with JumpCourse


Although Caroline isn’t anywhere near ready to start taking college level classes, I wanted to review JumpCourse because I know there are many people who read this blog who have right-brained children, gifted children, and children who otherwise simply learn and think outside the box. Online learning can be a great option for children like (Continue reading…)

Daily Education News from Sallie Borrink Learning – May 20, 2014


Happy Tuesday evening! I hope your week is off to a great start! Please remember the inclusion of a link is not an endorsement of all of the content or the site on which it is located. Could You Dare NOT To Discipline? from Psychology Today The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling  from Zen Habits Does (Continue reading…)