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Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day is coming up and I wanted to help you get a jump on your planning! I’ve gathered up some great activities and resources that focus on the two American presidents we’re celebrating – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the combination of materials in this post is enough to put together a comprehensive Presidents’ Day unit. Enjoy!

First up is my Presidents’ Day Lapbook (or Interactive Notebook).

This is an easy to assemble lapbook and it looks great when it is done.

It is especially designed to work well with reluctant writers or children … Read more »

Saying “No” to Holiday Pressures

Saying No to Holiday Pressure

So how were your holidays? Were they enjoyable? Meaningful? Special?

Or were they (as Peggy called hers in a comment on another post) a “tightly-choreographed death march”?

Did you and your family end up stressed, sick or burned out?

Were you so busy doing the things you felt obligated to do that you didn’t do the things that truly mean the most?

Holidays often take on a life of their own. If there is any time of year that ramps up the obligation train, it is Christmas. But it can also be true of other holidays:

Children’s birthdays
Valentine’s Day

(For the sake … Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It is by far my favorite social media tool. I enjoy scrolling through all the ideas. In the past I had to keep all my ideas in files, on paper. Now I can keep so many more and find them so much more quickly!

I’ve assembled below what I’m calling The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Pinterest Boards. These are primarily Pinterest boards by fellow homeschool blogger moms who are a part of the iHomeschool Network (iHN). I’ve broken it down by topic in academic calendar order starting with autumn.

The list isn’t fancy. Even … Read more »

Our Yearly Celebration: It’s a Girl Day!

Our Yearly Celebration It's a Girl Day

Through the many long years we prayed for a child, we prayed specifically for a girl. I had always known I wanted a girl and David was also inclined to pray that way. When we found out on our ninth anniversary that we were finally expecting a baby, we were naturally very excited. But the wait to find out what we were having at the twenty week ultrasound was tough!

By the time we went to the ultrasound, we had made peace with the fact that perhaps God would send us a son and not the girl we had long … Read more »

Simple Learning Ideas for April Holidays, Units and Famous Birthdays


April is full of fun learning opportunities such as National Poetry Month, Arbor Day, and John James Audubon’s birthday. Here are some simple and creative ideas to use this month!

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is a great time to introduce children to the world of poetry. By starting with engaging poems, there is the greatest chance of lighting an interest in poetry so choose poems carefully.

Keep a collection of age-appropriate poetry books for children to read during quiet reading time, indoor recess or when they finish their work early.
Highlight a different poet each day by reading aloud … Read more »

Why we changed our mind about celebrating Halloween


Caroline is seven years old and this will be the first time we’ve celebrated Halloween with her. I thought about not saying anything about it here, but decided that it was important to me to articulate why we changed our minds in case anyone else might find it helpful. I know many Christians struggle with this holiday as we have.

There are four reasons we changed our mind.

1. Not celebrating Halloween made me hate October

It really did. I just dreaded the entire month. I dreaded dealing with the questions from others. I dreaded all … Read more »

Happy Birthday and July 4th, Calvin Coolidge!


July 4th is an important day in the life of America. Of course, the most prominent reason is the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, hence the name Independence Day.

But did you also know several other historically significant events occurred on July 4th? Perhaps one of the most interesting facts is that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 1826 – the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence! As Americans, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to these two men. What they accomplished on behalf of this … Read more »

Simple Thanksgiving Activities for Children

Simple Thanksgiving Activities for Children

Thanksgiving is a special time of enjoying family, friends and giving thanks for many blessings. In keeping with the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving, here are some easy and fun Thanksgiving activities for children using things probably already around the house. These creative ideas will keep the celebration simple and meaningful.

Cranberries in a Jar

Fill a canning jar or other glass container with fresh cranberries. Guess how many cranberries are in there. When it is time to count, take the opportunity to practice estimation. Take out a half a cup of cranberries and use that information to determine … Read more »

Simple Fall Learning Activities, Writing Prompts, and Bulletin Boards Ideas

Simple Fall Learning Activities, Writing Prompts, and Bulletin Board Ideas

Most students love fall, so it is easy to get them excited about pumpkins, scarecrows, and other autumn themes. These fall learning activities include easy to use and creative writing prompts, hands-on projects and fun ideas for classroom use. Best of all, they are simple for the teacher to prepare which is critical during the busy fall season!

Catching Kindness Bulletin Board

Decorate a large bulletin board with a tree trunk and branches. Label it “Kindness is Falling Everywhere.” Cut out medium sized leaves in red, yellow, and orange. Challenge students to look for acts of kindness amongst their … Read more »

Simple Pumpkin Ideas for Kindergarten and First Grade

Simple Pumpkin Ideas, Crafts and Books for Kindergarten and First Grade Units

Kindergarten and first grade children find pumpkins naturally interesting so it is a great age for a special pumpkin unit with crafts, fun read alouds and more! Here are a few easy pumpkin ideas for kindergarten and first grade that will create a quick but enjoyable learning experience for everyone.

Predicting Pumpkin Weights Activity

Bring in an assortment of pumpkins of various shapes and sizes. Weigh the pumpkin your students think is the “middle-sized” pumpkin. Based on that information, have students predict what the other pumpkins will weigh. The student who makes the best prediction can take one of the pumpkins … Read more »

Cute Thanksgiving puppet kit from Hobby Lobby

Finished Thanksgiving Puppets

Finished Thanksgiving Puppets

While searching for things to do with Caroline, I came across this cute little puppet kit at Hobby Lobby.  (How do I love that store? Let me count the ways…)

Even better is that it was half off so it was $2.50.  Pretty inexpensive for a morning of fun with Daddy and then playing with them afterward. :-)