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3 Books Featuring Girls Changing Their World

3 Books Featuring Girls Changing Their World

Today I would like to introduce you to three pictures books featuring girls worth knowing. The three girls lived in different places and different times, but they all share one thing in common – a desire to imagine, create, and change their world.

(Sidenote: I receive free books to review all the time and only share a small percentage of them with my readers. These three are very good!)

Ada’s Ideas – The Story of Ada Lovelace, the World’s First Computer Programmer

Ada’s Ideas introduced me to someone completely new from history. Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord … Read more »

Using Audio Dramas for History

Using Audio Dramas for History

History is one of my favorite subjects, but I never had the opportunity to listen to high quality audio dramas when I was younger. At least not the kind that Heirloom Audio has created. I was excited to receive copies of four of their audio dramas to listen to. Now I am excited to share with you my thoughts about how I would suggest using these dramas with your own family (as well as a great offer at the end!). This post is sponsored by Heirloom Audio. All content and photos are my own.

These are the … Read more »

Free ARDA History and Religion Website for Jr/Sr High

Free History and Religion Website for Jr.Sr High

Two of my favorite topics to study are history and religion. So when I was presented with the opportunity to review the Association of Religion Data Archives (ADRA) website, I said, “Yes, please!” As always when I do reviews, I was compensated for my time, but all opinions are my own and I was not required to post a positive perspective.

Okay, I am going to say right up front I am going to gush a tiny bit about this website. It’s SO COOL. This is like the promised land for … Read more »

Farmer Boy – A Month of Cozy Books

Farmer Boy - A Month of Cozy Books

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder is about her husband’s childhood in update New York. Of all the Little House books, it is the coziest as it shares so much about family life, holidays and seasons.

Almanzo is the youngest of four children. With an older brother and two older sisters, he often finds himself being bossed around. Throughout the book Almanzo is slowly growing up, learning about real life, and learning important life lessons. The book is a great look at family life, farming during that time period, and about making wise choices.

If you’ve never read … Read more »

Celebrate Winston Churchill Day with Free Kindle Ebooks

Celebrate Winston Churchill Day

April 9 is Winston Churchill Day and Hillsdale College is celebrating by offering the entire 8 volume official biography of Winston Churchill for FREE for three days!

Simply follow the links below to download your free copies!
Winston S. Churchill: Youth, 1874-1900 (Volume I)

Winston S. Churchill: Young Statesman, 1901-1914 (Volume II) (Churchill Biography Book 2)

Winston S. Churchill: The Challenge of War, 1914-1916 (Volume III) (Churchill Biography Book 3)

Winston S. Churchill: World in Torment, 1916-1922 (Volume IV) (Churchill Biography Book 4)

Winston S. Churchill: The Prophet of Truth, 1922-1939 (Volume V) (Churchill Biography Book 5)

Winston S. Churchill: … Read more »

American History Picture Books

4 Don't Miss History Books

Are you looking for some quality picture books to add to your American History studies? Children of all ages can benefit from quality picture books that bring to life the stories of history. Oftentimes these stories will stay with them for life! I shared four of my favorites over on the Bright Ideas Press blog:

Potato:  A Tale from the Great Depression
Amber on the Mountain
When Jessie Came Across the Sea

Stop by to see which American History picture books will be a great part of your study of the Great Depression, immigration and … Read more »

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day is coming up and I wanted to help you get a jump on your planning! I’ve gathered up some great activities and resources that focus on the two American presidents we’re celebrating – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the combination of materials in this post is enough to put together a comprehensive Presidents’ Day unit. Enjoy!

First up is my Presidents’ Day Lapbook (or Interactive Notebook).

This is an easy to assemble lapbook and it looks great when it is done.

It is especially designed to work well with reluctant writers or children … Read more »

Sallie’s Miscellany (November 22)

Sallie's Miscellany Links for Better Living and Learning

Food For Thought

The Myth of the Reluctant Learner

Homework: An unnecessary evil? … Surprising findings from new research

Isle of Sark: Europe’s Last Feudal State

Things to Do

8 Simple Water Tricks

Project Feeder Watch

Books to Read – Kindle ebooks for 99 cents!

The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings

Children’s Book: Being Thankful!: Thanksgiving Stories for Children & Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Stories for Kids & Children: Thanksgiving Jokes and Thanksgiving Coloring Book Included!

The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks


Watch and Enjoy

If you can deal with the edginess and a little … Read more »

Sallie’s Miscellany (November 13)

Sallie's Miscellany Links for Better Living and Learning

Children of Civil War Veterans Alive Today, Typewriters Return, and Live Like Mr. Darcy

Children of Civil War Veterans Still Walk Among Us, 150 Years After the War from National Geographic

Typewriters are back, and we have Edward Snowden to thank from The Washington Post

Live Like Mr. Darcy In The Massive Estate That Inspired Jane Austen’s “Pride And Prejudice” and Fiona Bruce’s Britain: Wentworth Woodhouse, South Yorkshire

Fun Science Things to Do with Kids

The Science of Sand

Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment

Books to Read

Do you read Little Golden Books with your children? … Read more »