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(Bumped up to show winners) Beat the Winter Blahs Giveaway – Three $10 shopping sprees!

Beat the winter blahs shopping sprees giveaway

Okay, time to shake things up a bit. The sun was out for Saturday and Sunday and it was sooooo nice to see it. Now we’re back to a week of flurries and clouds.

Time to do something fun!

Time for a quick giveaway!

Enter below to win one of three $10 shopping sprees in my store here or in my TPT store. (I do have some items on TPT that I haven’t found the time to put on my own site yet!)

Good luck!

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Shhh! A giveaway just for my subscribers

Thank you for following my site as a subscriber. I’m not announcing this giveaway anywhere else – only subscribers (or people who happen on to the site) will know about it. So shhhhh! Don’t spread the word. I want to give away one of my products to three different loyal subscribers here!

If your entry is selected by random via Rafflecopter, you will win your choice of any one product from my site or my TPT store.

Good luck!

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Win $400 in the iHN giveaway!


A group of bloggers from iHomeschool Network teamed up to offer some great giveaway prizes. Starting today and through December 15 you can register to win cash prizes (payable through Amazon or Paypal). Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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Review of New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies and a Giveaway!

New Testament Overview Grapevine Studies

I’ve been familiar with Grapevine Studies for a number of years. My husband, David, does graphic design work for them so I’ve been privy to see the different covers and products developed during that time. I always had in the back of my mind that it might be a good product to use with Caroline because she likes to draw. This year for second grade I decided to take the plunge and contacted Dianna Wiebe to ask if she’d like to do a swap of curriculum for a review. She agreed so here we are!

After trying the Life of Fred for math and Caroline shooting it down in flames, I admit I was a bit concerned she would do the same thing with Grapevine. In fact, I even waited a couple of weeks before I tried it out on her so as not to introduce too many news things at once.

I had nothing to worry about.

Caroline LOVES doing Bible with Grapevine Studies. (Insert relieved Mama sigh here.)

Caroline is not fond of writing but she LOVES to draw so stick figuring through the Bible is the perfect way for us to do Bible together. The biggest challenge is keeping her to the basic stick figures because in her world everything is better with embellishment!  But it works out fine because she keeps busy with her embellishments while I’m reading the passages.

Using the Grapevine Press New Testament Overview

The lessons are very straightforward and easy to prepare/use. I’m using the digital version so I print off a bunch of pages at a time for my teacher binder and Caroline’s book. There is minimal prep which I really appreciate.


I installed a whiteboard for this school year that is low to the ground. I did it that way so Caroline could sit on the floor and draw on it whenever she wanted. So when we do Bible, we sit on the floor and I do my drawings on the whiteboard and she does them on her sheet. This is a nice change of pace for us and she is always eager to get to Bible time!


I write out the Bible verse on sentence strips and display it in our sentence strip pocket chart on the wall. I don’t require Caroline to memorize it at this point since like most right-brained children memorization of most things is not her cup of tea. But we do go over the verse many times and I trust it is getting locked away in there somewhere. :-)

Overall, I’m very pleased with our experience so far. It truly could not have gone any better. I’m just sorry I waited a few extra weeks to get started! I highly recommend the curriculum, especially for children who are reluctant writers but do love to draw. I think this is probably the perfect Bible curriculum for them.


Win a Free Copy of the New Testament Overview

Now you have a chance to win a Teacher and Student ebook set of the New Testament Overview that I’m using. You can pick the level most appropriate for your student. Just enter below!

And Grapevine Studies is also offering 20% your purchase through November 15 (valid on items not already on sale) if you use the coupon code SBlog when you check out. Click here to visit Grapevine Studies and see the variety of topics the offer at every grade level.

I received this curriculum free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Read my disclosure policy here.

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Giveaway: Great Homeschool Convention Family Pass

GHC Registration

Great Homeschool Convention is offering a free family pass to one of my blog readers! Worth $60 it includes:

1 Family Registration
2 passes to the Family Comedy Night
1 pass to the REAL FAITH for the REAL WORLD Teen Track

You can choose any of the three locations – Greenville, Cincinnati or Ontario.

Be sure after you enter the giveaway to check out the GHC website. Lots of great information over there, including their helpful blog with homeschooling tips and ideas.

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An interview with Monica Wellington about “Colors for Zena” plus a giveway of her books!

An interview with Monica Wellington about "Colors for Zena"

A number of years ago when Caroline was just a baby, I happened across Apple Farmer Annie at a bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan. I instantly loved it!  I loved the story, the graphics, and just how cozy it was. I’ve since read a number of Monica Wellington’s books and have enjoyed them all.

So imagine how delighted I was to receive an email one day a few weeks ago from Monica Wellington asking me if I would be interested in doing a review of her new book Colors for Zena.  Of course I would! So today we have an interview with Monica and three of her books to give away to three lucky readers!

Colors for Zena is the story of a little girl who discovers how different colors come together to make new colors. Throughout the book her world is impacted by the colors. This is a wonderful book for parents, primary teachers, and art teachers who are introducing primary colors and how those colors comes together to make new colors.

And now on to the interview!

Welcome, Monica!  It is great to be able to share your beautiful work with my readers!


What led to the writing of “Colors for Zena?”

It is hard to say where a book begins – probably in some way from my own childhood. But this book, at least partly, came from color games my daughter and I played when she was little. Walking down the street in the busy city, we would pick out everything that we saw that was red, and then yellow, and so on. Was that blue or was that purple, we would ask? What is our favorite color today? … Then back at home she loved discovering for herself how colors worked – there was always an abundance of paint!

At the end of Zena there is a color wheel and suggestions of some fun things to do with color. I hope readers will be inspired to be creative and paint colorful pictures themselves!

Who inspires you as a writer?  An artist?

Just the other day I was at a library book sale where I found some old classics by Roger Duvoisin, Robert McCloskey and Barbara Cooney. These are some of the artists who continually inspire me in children’s books.

You have a very unique illustration style. Who or what was influential in developing that style?

Some people can draw and paint with such fine technique and I’m quite in awe of that! I’m not really a versatile artist myself, but on the other hand I guess I have my own particular style! When I went to art school I focused on ceramics – I wanted to be a potter. It took me some time on my own after college to figure out my true passions. I loved drawing and painting when I was a child. When I was young we lived in Switzerland and I have very distinct memories of how much I loved to draw then. I think I picked up where I left off about 20 years later! Everything fell into place when I had the good luck to discover the field of children’s books.


How can parents best encourage their artistically-inclined children?

I think the best thing is to simply provide plenty of good art materials, readily available all the time. And I think it is great to always carry a notebook and color pencils for spontaneous projects when you are out and about.

Do you have a personal favorite from your own books? Why is it your favorite?

Probably Crepes by Suzette – my homage to Paris. It was published a while ago, it went out-of-print and people often contact me looking for copies. “Suzette” is special to me because I now have the chance to work on it again: I’m bringing it back to life as an app, a digital book. The illustrations that I originally made for the book were mixed media collages of photos and all sorts of things I had collected from France. It has been so much fun expanding the concept of collage and adding a lot of new content. I went to Paris and collected sounds, voices, and music with my digital recorder and I have learnt new skills as a sound editor. There will be narrations in many languages, including French. There will be short videos, showing Paris and crepe making. All Suzette’s customers are out of famous French paintings and I have been able to add much more about that in the app as well. Hopefully the project will be ready soon!


Who would be in your Top 5 must study artists for young children and why?

I would say, let your children lead the way to the artists that appeal to them. If you possibly can, bring them to museums and follow them. Pull out those notebooks and color pencils and encourage them to draw in front of their favorite paintings.

Some of my favorite artists are represented in Crepes by Suzette by her customers: Matisse, Chagall, Van Gogh, Seurat, Picasso – you could also begin there.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the parents and teachers reading here?

Writing and illustrating is very solitary. My studio space is at home in my apartment in New York City. I work with music and my two cats for company. Even after 25 years of doing this, I am still amazed at how lucky I am that my books go out into the world to children. Sometimes I hear directly from families who are reading my books and I love that! Thank you!

So here is your chance to win one of Monica’s books! Her publisher has sent along a hardcover of Colors for Zena, a paperback Apple Farmer Annie, and a board book of Apple Farmer Annie.  Feel free to enter any of the giveaways below!

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I had a big problem with the Rafflecopter collection of entries. :-( I was able to sort it out on my end, but the winner will not show up properly for Giveaway 1 or 2. But the winners are:

Giveaway 1 – Dinah Ely

Giveaway 2 – Kelly Beam Brown

Giveaway 3 – Edna Garcia

Giveaway 1 – Colors for Zena

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  Giveaway 2 – Apple Farmer Annie paperback

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Giveaway 3 – Apple Farmer Annie board book

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My 250 & 350 Followers Giveaway!

SB Giveaway Pin TPT Aug13

I’m celebrating approaching 250 TPT followers and 350 Facebook followers! And the best way to celebrate is to give stuff away!

A group of 42 awesome TPT sellers have donated products for you to win!  You can enter any or all of the giveaways below. Feel free to get as many entries as you can!

Below you will find a clickable image of the great products and sellers in each giveaway package. You can also take the links directly to their TPT stores and see what they have to offer!

Good luck! :-)

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