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Creative Learning Ideas for Miss Suzy

Creative Learning Ideas for Miss Suzy

Miss Suzy by Miriam Young and pictures by Arnold Lobel [Purple House Press, 2004] is the delightful story of a little gray squirrel who lives “in the tip, tip, top of a tall oak tree.” First published by Parents’ Magazine Press in 1964, this classic book has been enjoyed by generations of children. It teaches important themes such as friendship, bravery, and love in the context of the charming illustrations.

The picture book can be a great launch story for a variety of learning activities, creative writing, and art projects. It is perfect for early elementary aged learners.

Miss … Read more »

3 Books Featuring Girls Changing Their World

3 Books Featuring Girls Changing Their World

Today I would like to introduce you to three pictures books featuring girls worth knowing. The three girls lived in different places and different times, but they all share one thing in common – a desire to imagine, create, and change their world.

(Sidenote: I receive free books to review all the time and only share a small percentage of them with my readers. These three are very good!)

Ada’s Ideas – The Story of Ada Lovelace, the World’s First Computer Programmer

Ada’s Ideas introduced me to someone completely new from history. Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord … Read more »

Using Audio Dramas for History

Using Audio Dramas for History

History is one of my favorite subjects, but I never had the opportunity to listen to high quality audio dramas when I was younger. At least not the kind that Heirloom Audio has created. I was excited to receive copies of four of their audio dramas to listen to. Now I am excited to share with you my thoughts about how I would suggest using these dramas with your own family (as well as a great offer at the end!). This post is sponsored by Heirloom Audio. All content and photos are my own.

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You Can Do It, Sam – A Month of Cozy Books

You Can Do It Sam - A Month of Cozy Books

You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest and illustrated by Anita Jeram is another story about the bear named Sam. I previously shared Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? as part of A Month of Cozy Books. This is the same Sam who goes on a little neighborly adventure with his mother.

It’s a wintery morning on Plum Street and Mrs. Bear and Sam are making cakes to share with their neighbors. Sam waits for the cakes to be done and cool enough to deliver. They load them up into Mrs. Bear’s green truck and … Read more »

Wholesome Reading for Visual Learners

Wholesome Reading for Visual Learners

I received these magazines for free and was compensated for my time to review them. All of the content in this post is my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

Caroline is a visual learner and she is not an avid chapter book reader (yet!). Like most visual learners, she enjoys color, engaging comics, photos, and strong graphics. Those of us who parent children like this often find it challenging to keep them supplied with reading material that is age appropriate, contains quality content, and also supports the values of our family. When I learned about … Read more »

Kiss Good Night – A Month of Cozy Books

Kiss Good Night - A Month of Cozy Books

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest is the third Sam book I’m sharing in my cozy book series! Previously I wrote about Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? and You Can Do It, Sam, both books about a bear named Sam and his mother.

It’s time for Sam to go to bed, but he’s waiting for something. Mrs. Bear does all of the special bedtime things with Sam, but he’s still waiting. And waiting. He’s waiting for his good-night kiss from his mother!

This book has gorgeous illustrations with rich colors. They are different from what I normally like … Read more »

In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen – A Month of Cozy Books

In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen

In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen by Cynthia Rylant is the first book in The Cobble Street Cousins, a series of six books about three young girls.

The cousins are Lily, Tess and Rosie. They are staying with their Aunt Lucy for a year while their parents are on a professional dancing tour around the world. The girls have cozy adventures together while sharing the huge attic in Aunt Lucy’s old home.

This series of books is simple and cheerful. The girls get involved with their aunt’s romance and there are many sweet surprises along the way. The rest of … Read more »

An Early American Christmas – A Month of Cozy Books

An Early American Christmas - A Month of Cozy Books

An Early American Christmas by Tomie dePaola is so cozy! I confess I’m not generally a big fan of Tomie dePaola books, but I just adore this one.

In the story, a German family moves to a New England town where no one celebrates Christmas. (This was common long ago in some parts of New England.) This family celebrates and the book tells the story of all they do to prepare in the fall and up until Christmas. They make bayberry candles to burn in the window, harvest their food, make mounds of cookies, carve a new figure for … Read more »

Little Bear’s Trousers – A Month of Cozy Books

LIttle Bear's Trousers - A Month of Cozy Books

Little Bear’s Trousers by Jane Hissey is An Old Bear Story, part of a collection of stories about the adventures of a group of stuffed animals. I previously wrote about Old Bear in A Month of Cozy Books. There is also Little Bear Lost.

In this adventure, Little Bear is trying to figure out where his red trousers went. As he goes through the house from animal to animal, he discovers his friends have found a number of clever ways to use his trousers. Will Little Bear ever get his trousers back?

The illustrations in this … Read more »