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You Can Do It, Sam – A Month of Cozy Books

You Can Do It Sam - A Month of Cozy Books

You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest and illustrated by Anita Jeram is another story about the bear named Sam. I previously shared Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? as part of A Month of Cozy Books. This is the same Sam who goes on a little neighborly adventure with his mother.

It’s a wintery morning on Plum Street and Mrs. Bear and Sam are making cakes to share with their neighbors. Sam waits for the cakes to be done and cool enough to deliver. They load them up into Mrs. Bear’s green truck and take off. … Read more »

Wholesome Reading for Visual Learners

Wholesome Reading for Visual Learners

I received these magazines for free and was compensated for my time to review them. All of the content in this post is my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

Caroline is a visual learner and she is not an avid chapter book reader (yet!). Like most visual learners, she enjoys color, engaging comics, photos, and strong graphics. Those of us who parent children like this often find it challenging to keep them supplied with reading material that is age appropriate, contains quality content, and also supports the values of our family. When I learned about … Read more »

Old Bear – A Month of Cozy Books

Old Bear - A Month of Cozy Books

Old Bear by Jane Hissey embodies pretty much everything Caroline loves most in books, namely talking stuffed animals who go on adventures. I first purchased this book when I was teaching first grade and knew that Caroline would love it when I brought it out for her.

The animals realize that Old Bear has been gone a long time. He was packed away in the attic because he was quite worn and the children weren’t taking good care of him. Bramwell Brown, Duck, Little Bear and Rabbit decide that it is time to rescue Old Bear from the attic … Read more »

Bunny Bungalow – A Month of Cozy Books

Bunny Bungalow - A Month of Cozy Books

Bunny Bungalow by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi is one of my favorite picture books. We happened upon it at a consignment shop and it quickly was beloved by all of us. I’ve written a brief post about it before, but there was no way I could leave it out of my A Month of Cozy Books.

Bunny Bungalow is the story of a rabbit family who finds a house and makes it their own. They paint it and add a carrot weathervane. Mother knits quilts for the beds and reads poetry to … Read more »

Discover the Ladybug Girl Books!

Discover Ladybug Girl!

Have you discovered the Ladybug Girl books? I received a full set of the hardcover editions to review and host a giveaway for my readers! Somehow Caroline and I missed this series up to this point, but we were delighted to read through them now. An imaginative little girl with her dog sidekick? Right up Caroline’s story alley!

Lulu is Ladybug Girl. She’s a super hero who goes on adventures while learning important life lessons along the way. At her side is her basset hound, Bingo.

This week the original Ladybug Girl was released in the Ladybug Girl: … Read more »

Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic

Autumn An Alphabet Acrostic - A Month of Cozy Books

Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur and illustrated by Leslie Evans is one of my favorite fall books. It is the first book in a series that includes Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic, Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic, and Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic.

Each page features an acrostic. For example, the first page is ACORN:

A single seed
Can feed a squirrel
Or grow into a giant oak that
Rains down new
Nuts every autumn

For the letter N we have NORTH:

Now cold winds come down
Out of Canada and
Turns to
Hail and then to snow.

Each page is filled with gorgeous illustrations. … Read more »

The Long Winter – A Month of Cozy Books

The Long Winter - A Month of Cozy Books

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder is a must-read American pioneer children’s novel. David didn’t read the Little House books growing up and decided to read them all a few years ago. He thoroughly enjoyed them! So you are never too old to add this to your collection whether it is to read it for yourself or read it to your children.

The Long Winter tells the story of the Ingalls family surviving the epic winter of 1880-1881. And I do mean surviving and I do mean epic. They nearly starved to death when the trains … Read more »

The Little House – A Month of Cozy Books

The Little House - A Month of Cozy Books

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton is one of the truly timeless cozy books. This Caldecott winner was written in 1942, but it seems to apply just as much today as it did back then.

The little house is built way out in the country by a family who loves it and says it will never be sold for gold or silver. The house enjoys watching the seasons go by from her place on the hill. At night, she can see the glow of the city in the distance and wonders what a city is like. One day machines … Read more »