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Grapevine Studies Calendar Giveaway!

Grapevine Calendar Giveaway

Grapevine Calendar Giveaway

Did you see the new 2015 Grapevine Studies Biblical Calendar? David and I had the opportunity to work on this neat project and I have three copies to give away!

If you use Grapevine Studies, you and your children will enjoy this calendar that highlights the various feasts, events, etc. throughout the calendar year. If you aren’t familiar with Grapevine Studies, check out their free sample lessons. Caroline and I have enjoyed the Grapevine Studies we’ve done. They are perfect for children who love to draw!

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Which Children’s Bible is Best for Your Child?

Which Children's Bible is Best for Your Child

Teaching Caroline about Jesus and the Bible is very important to us. We want her to have a faith of her own that grows and develops at an appropriate pace and level for her as an individual. Part of that has been finding children’s Bibles that work for our family. (By way of background for new readers, she’s seven and a half, very right brained and creative.)

I’ve read various people through the years who say that you shouldn’t use a children’s Bible, but only read from the actual Bible itself. They emphasize that we need to hear the actual … Read more »

GrapeVine Studies $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Grapevine Giveaway Graphic

GrapeVine Studies $25 Gift Card Giveaway

I’ve written before about how much Caroline and I enjoy using GrapeVine studies for our Bible time. They are perfect for right-brained learners, hands-on learners, and visual learners. I’m happy to host another giveaway this week with them!  The winner will receive a $25 gift card to purchase products.

You can explore their store by clicking on the graphic to see all of the great topics available and enter below!

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Big Sale at GrapeVine Studies!

Twin Sale Purple Square

I’ve written in detail before about how I use GrapeVine Studies for Bible and how much Caroline and I enjoy using it. She always wants to do Bible first and thoroughly enjoys the hands on, drawing aspect of it.

If you have a right-brained learner, this might be just the thing for you as well.

If you have a learner who struggles with writing but likes to draw, this might be the right thing for you too!

If you like a curriculum with minimal prep, this might be a good fit!

Click here to visit GrapeVine Studies and see … Read more »

Review of New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies and a Giveaway!

New Testament Overview Grapevine Studies

I’ve been familiar with Grapevine Studies for a number of years. My husband, David, does graphic design work for them so I’ve been privy to see the different covers and products developed during that time. I always had in the back of my mind that it might be a good product to use with Caroline because she likes to draw. This year for second grade I decided to take the plunge and contacted Dianna Wiebe to ask if she’d like to do a swap of curriculum for a review. She agreed so here we are!

After … Read more »

7 Things I Tell My Child Every Day

7 Things I Tell My Child Every Day

Over the past few years I’ve learned that Caroline thrives on positive feedback.  A few positive words are like putting major money in our relationship bank. Here are 7 things I tell my child every day.

1. I love you so much.

Yes, we need to tell our children every day that we love them.  And not just a cliche bedtime, “I love you” as we’re kissing them goodnight and walking out of their bedroom with our mind already on to the next thing.  But a really heartfelt, “I love you so much” at least once during the day, if not … Read more »