Caroline’s first stop animation movie


Caroline (who is seven) has been fascinated by stop animation movies, especially since she found the Basilmentos channel on YouTube. So today she used the camera she received from Grandpa and Grandma S. for Christmas to make her first stop animation movie (with some help from Daddy!).

She spent several hours working on this and I was very impressed at her diligence. We was thoroughly committed to learning how to do this and it showed. David helped her with some of the process as well as getting it uploaded to YouTube. She was very proud of herself and we were proud of her!

She’s thrilled to share it with all the readers of my website.

One thought on “Caroline’s first stop animation movie

  1. Grandma and Grandpa S

    We are very proud of you Caroline and enjoyed your first movie. You should tell everyone how you came up with the idea and the thought that went into it.

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