7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge-Day 5

7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge – Day 5

7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge-Day 5

Woo hoo! We’re up to Day 5! How are you doing?

Today let’s focus on getting rid of things that make us feel guilty because we never use them even though we have the best of intentions.

What did I get rid of?

A bunch of Pampered Chef stoneware.

Many years ago I attended a few Pampered Chef parties. And I bought some stoneware because everyone raved about it.

Except I discovered I didn’t like baking with stoneware.

I just didn’t.

So I had a few pieces of this expensive stoneware that mocked me each time I opened a certain kitchen cupboard.

It reminded me of my good intentions to do more “special” baking for my family.

it reminded me of how much money I had wasted on this stoneware.

I finally had enough. I sold it on a local FB group. I got $10 for each piece I sold. I don’t even care that I lost money on it.



What’s mocking YOU? Clothes you never wear? Shoes? Kitchen paraphernalia? Books? Exercise equipment?

What needs to go today?

Share with us what you’ve gotten rid of so we can celebrate with you!

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2 thoughts on “7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge – Day 5

  1. Peggy

    Well, I have a clock that doesn’t fit in anywhere. It has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a month or two….

    Yesterday I had the kids pull a lot of things out of the bedroom closet so I could organize them. The closet is long and has only a tiny door at one end, and no light. I generally just throw things in, until I have time to really dig in there and put them away. I didn’t declutter much, only one dried-up apple core (!). I did find a few clothes that will fit the kids now. I also thought of having a box for Things To Be Put Away in the Depths of the Closet.

  2. Sallie Post author

    I have those things from time to time that just sit there and literally take two minutes to deal with when I finally do…

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