7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge-Day 4

7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge – Day 4

7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge-Day 4

Did you find the courage to get rid of some “valuable” things yesterday? Were you able to separate your sentimental feelings about a person or event with the object you associate with it?

Good for you!

If not, keep trying! It took me a number of years to get to the point where I could get rid of some things and not feel guilty or sad about it. But once you get there, it does get easier!

One of the great gifts we can give to our children is the ability to not become too attached to “things” and recognize that stuff is just temporary. We set the example for how to relate to material possessions.

So what are you cleaning out today? How much clutter have you removed from your home? Has anyone else around you caught the declutter bug after seeing you in action? Leave a comment so we can celebrate with you!

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One thought on “7 Day Declutter and Organize Challenge – Day 4

  1. Sallie Post author

    Just cleaned out my desk in the learning room. Wasn’t too bad, but came across a few things that I have no idea why I have kept…

    A set of scented coasters given to me by a “mentor” lady at a previous church. They make me sad every time I look at them. Why did I keep them? Into the donate box.

    A Minolta Freedom 200 35 mm camera. With a broken lens shutter that a preschooler that shall not be named broke when she got into the desk that was supposed to be off limits. So why did I keep this broken camera when we have gone digital? Sentimental reasons. And because it cost a lot of money when I received it as a gift. Into the trash and I admit it is hard to just throw it away! And I don’t know why!

    A floppy binder of a print off of “Masterly Inactivity” by Charlotte Mason that I think I printed off and put in the binder when Caroline was starting, oh, kindergarten. She’s going to be eight this fall! If I haven’t figured out masterly inactivity by now on my own (which I pretty much had before I even printed if off), it’s too late. I’ve determined I’m never going to read this. Into the recycling pile.

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