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5 Days to Re-Energize Your Homeschool

5 Days to Re-Energize Your Homeschool

Is it time to shake things up in your homeschool? Have you lost that energized feeling? Does homeschooling feel too routine? Not what you dreamed of doing with your child?

Even though you are still completely committed to homeschooling, have you lost some of your passion?

I have been feeling the need to re-energize our homeschool and so writing this series is as much working it out in pixels myself as it is sharing with those who gather here.

Part of my need to re-energize things is simply because of my daughter. As a gifted child, she craves variety. She requires variety.  I’ve known this since she was tiny, but it has become even more clear to me as I’ve delved into the world of the gifted. So keeping her interested and challenged is a huge deal for me.

This week I’m going to share 5 ways we can re-energize our homeschool

If you feel like you’ve fallen into a rut, this is for you.

If you feel like your approach to homeschooling isn’t producing the results you would like, this series is for you.

If you simply think your family would benefit from a fresh start, this series is for you!

May I offer one bit of advice as you read this series?

Tune out everyone else and do what works for you.


Don’t worry about what your parents or in-laws or siblings will think.

Don’t worry about what the other moms at co-op will think.

Don’t worry about what the other moms in such and such homeschool method forum will think.

Just focus on the particular needs and interests of your family. Read through the suggestions I offer and take what works for your particular situation.

And if you find yourself thinking, “Well, I could never do that!” ask yourself why.

Is it because it really won’t work for your family?

Or is it because you are carrying the expectations of others?

Or is it because you read something on a blog where the writer ripped to shreds anyone who would dare choose to do X and therefore would be ruining her child for life?

It’s really easy for us to absorb the expectations of others and not even realize it.

So let’s encourage each other as we shake things up! I hope you will find something each day to re-energize your homeschool. If you would like to receive the posts in your email so you don’t miss anything, feel free to subscribe.

Day 1: 3 Ways to Change Your Homeschool Approach

Day 2: Creative Ways to Re-Energize Your Homeschool Space

Day 3: Re-Energize Your Homeschool by Investing in New Materials

Day 4: Practice the Art of Strewing in Your Homeschool

Day 5: Relax and Plan More Fun to Re-Energize Your Homeschool


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2 thoughts on “5 Days to Re-Energize Your Homeschool

  1. Dianna

    Hugs to you, Sallie, as you share your struggles and help all of us along, too.

    These words were GOLDEN:
    Tune out everyone else and do what works for you.

    I agree completely, and wish I’d known that a few years ago. Already, I’m fighting against well meaning friends who suggested I should work on getting my boys ‘caught up’ this year.

    I’m going to compare them to themselves, not each other, and not to the world’s checklists.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Sallie Post author


    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I truly want all moms to be free to do what is best for them and their individual families. :-)

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